Eldership & Ancestral Healing

with Zena Me

An Online Introductory Six Week Programme

"I am firmly convinced that the restlessness that drives modern man is rooted in a disturbed relationship to the ancestors. Only chaos can arise from an unbalanced relationship between the living and the dead"Malidoma Patrice Some

A programme to explore your ancestry and strengthen your sense of purpose and belonging as an Elder.

Why Ancestral Healing?

One of the foundation stones of Eldership is to deeply understand the importance of our ancestral systems and how they impact our life.Our ancestors and their fate is rarely talked about or understood in our world. Yet our ancestors are deeply embedded in the cells of our bodies and in the way we behave.Re-membering our ancestors brings us back into cohesive alignment with our origins and our roots which helps us to become stronger, courageous and more resilient.Often some of the difficulties we face in our lives originate from our family of origin. The genrational wounds and trauma create patterns of behaviour in the family system that we can unconsciously become entangled in.In this introductory programme we will be exploring the organising principles which occur in family systems using the work of Bert Hellinger.We also will be looking at Jung's work on Ancestry and the unconscious and hidden realm.

The Six Week Modules:

  1. The Family Constellations Process - this is a basic introduction to the constellations process and how it can illuminate hidden dynamics in family systems. We will be using this process in our weekly sessions to explore our own system and identify and potentially resolve any hidden patterns.

  2. The Organising Principles of Family Systems - based on Bert Helinger's work, this is week is all about the hidden structures that operate in human systems dynamics and what the principles look like in practice.

  3. Ancestral Wounds and Trauma - we will be exploring trauma in families and how that gets passed down through the generations in the form of illness, addiction and the splitting of family cohesion.

  4. Repeating Patterns of Behaviour - families have often hidden patterns, such as 'missing fathers' and parentified children. We will be looking at the common patterns that exist and how and why they are useful and when they may have run their course.

  5. The Role of Eldership and Niche - As an Elder we need to be more consciously aware of our own family system and its typical patterns and entanglements so that we can healour own system and support the healing of others.

  6. Working with the Ancestors - In this final week we will be looking at some of the practices that we can use to stay connected and in contact with the Ancestors so that they can continue to be a rich resource for us and our work.

The Weekly Group Session - 90 minutes

To help bring this subject to life we'll be using the Pixar Movie 'Coco' to illustrate some of the principles in Ancestral healing.The film is based on the Mexican 'Day of the Dead' belief system and beautifully brings to life how what happens in one generation can impact the future ones.Prior to each session:
Reading information about the weeks module / session will be sent out before we meet as a group each week.
The stucture of the weekly 90 minute session:
We will start with a brief overview of the module and they'll be a chance to discuss and ask any questions.
Then one person (each week) will have the opportunity to do a constellation looking at their own family system, which will be facilitated by Zena.Note: Doing a constellation on your own system is voluntary, however it is recommended for you to get the most benefit from the programme.

WhatsApp Group

When we run this programme it's so important that we create a container for this work.To support this we will create a WhatsApp group specifically for this six week programme and this cohort.This will give you an opportunity to share any insights and ask any questions that you may have inbetween the sessions.This is also a place where you can ask any questions or seek additional support and guidance from Zena.

Who is this for?

This programme has been designed for those who are curious to explore the role that ancestors play in our life and families and how this connects to Eldership.It's designed as a basic introduction; however for those who already have an understanding of ancestral healing, it's an opportunity to look at in the context of Eldership and your role in your community.The structure is purposefully constructed as a small group process. This means:
- You will have a closer contact and support from Zena
- You will build a deeper connection with the other participants and get to know them better
- It will give you the opportunity to look more deeply into your own system and
- You will get much deeper insights
Because it's a small group you will need to attend every session.You will also need to make the time to read the material and watch the films that will be sent out beforehand.The time commitment will be around three hours a week.

What You Will Gain From The Programme

  • A stronger sense of belonging

  • A deeper love and connection to your family of origin

  • A sense of inner peace and harmony

  • A clearer sense of direction and purpose

  • A greater confidence and understanding of who you authentically are


£600 inc vatThere are only six places.This programme will only run once a year.I always prioritise my Community so if you'd like to attend you'll need to book soon...Book before the end of August and you'll get a FREE one hour coaching session with Zena